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spirulinai [userpic]

(no subject)

February 22nd, 2009 (05:49 pm)

a few years ago, i was pals with max, the fellow that lived across the street from my apartment near ocad.  he was friends with my roomates, and had long-standing romantic designs on my near-oblivious self.  we always had exceptional hangouts, though because of said (lamentably unreturned) designs, any comfortable pause in the conversation was typically loaded with unacknowledgable mutual angsts.  resultantly, there's a funny conversational dynamic that's developed with mister max wherein these silences have been all but completely omitted.  discussion trots at such a lively pace with him that i forget how comparatively difficult it is to talk to everybody that isn't max.  so odd!

hangouts ebbed when we stopped living in such close proximity, but i saw him this afternoon on a weekend in toronto and it was swell.  i'm glad to have seen him before i trade continents. 

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(no subject)

February 19th, 2009 (03:18 am)

current location: sillyhead
current song: Passion Pit


some serious dry humping music, for reals.

spirulinai [userpic]


February 18th, 2009 (06:04 pm)

current location: between a strip mall and another strip mall
current mood: harumph.
current song: bodies of water

Consular delays put off departure and eff with my trip into Toronto.  Stay in London prolonged until further notice.   Periods of grump predicted to remain indefinitely.  booooo.

spirulinai [userpic]

good riddance to you, jonna anne pedersen.

February 13th, 2009 (02:04 am)

current location: grossface londonburg
current mood: calm
current song: Oh Paris! by Dent May.

In roughly two weeks, I will be living in Seoul.  Sweet fuck it's about time.  London Ontario is nothing less than loathsome, mundane, almost perpetually dreary, and addled with strip malls.  I'm living with my parents here, and doting, compassionate, admirable folks though they are,  being in their continued presence has changed me (through no fault of theirs, surely) into a sulkier, more petulant teenaged beta-testing version of myself, and I'll soon lose my marbles if I don't exist as a grownup again.

Seoul promises good things for me.  I'll live alone - really alone - for the very first time.  I'll be independent of Ben for the first time since we met.  It'll stink, but it's time I underwent reassessment anyhow.  I'll have the chance to meet hordes of new people, and will rediscover myself through others.  I'll bring my fixed, Frida, and cycle everywhere.  I'll draw constantly.  I'll teach drama!  I'll get elbowed by harried ajummas on the subway and hassled by endearing foul-mouthed ESL kids, and I'll teach myself to cuss a magnificent blue streak in Korean in return.  I'll eat all manner of questionable street pancake.  I'll eat rice for a fuckin' month til I get my first paycheque, and it'll be glorious.

I will fill your inboxes with all manner of soju-soaked noraebang footage and your postboxes with dorky engrishee stationary. 

But before that can happen, you need to kiss my ugly mug goodbye at my going-away, at Ronnie's Local on the 20th.  Say you will?

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February 13th, 2009 (01:18 am)

current location: dumb bummy london
current mood: awake
current song: the flying tourbillon orchestra

My brother, who's making a career for himself as a Sound Fellow, is collaborating with me on a mixtape exchange to be held in the third week of this month.  Having attended a few similar such events with fellow okids*, I know that this is easily the best way to come across music - tarted up by your favourite people in delightfully overdone handmade packaging, pored over by the whole gang at an intimate little shindig, spilled on by beer, and then feverishly crammed into the cd player at home soon afterwards  - and I'm jazzed.  But stumped!  
Coming up with a suitable theme takes time, and I'm running low on it.  In the past, I've come up with some over the top concepts and some really well-mixed compilations**.  Though the 'do will have me surrounded by pals, most double as enormous music snobs and it jangles my nerves silly to have my cultural currency put to the test.  Can I run a few themes by you, Internet? 

stovetop orchestras: my favourite thing to cook to is contemporary indie stuff that has unconventional orchestral bits woven in, like Beirut or Final Fantasy or Dear Reader.

underpantsdance: nobody's home and you're in your underpants and it's 2am.  Of Montreal/Annie Lennox/Talking Heads/Dent May/Matt & Kim come on.  You know what that means.

music to watch strangers by: or, songs to romanticize strangers to.  i'm.. not quite sure what those could turn out to be.

if only i were fourteen:  An arsenal of twee that I can fill my 24 year old Hanson-less void with.  Probably Yelle and the Ting Tings, that American Boy song all the kids dig these days.

songs to waggle to:  Ponytail, mostly? And Romo Roto!  mayyyybe You Say Party We Say Die. Frantic exhilerating cacophonic messy adorable music!  Caps lock music.  Interrobang music.  Vibrating eyeballs music.  Double Ristretto music.

*OCAD students, but you know that.
** The former being a compilation of all of the socio-political or music-historical references made in Don McLean's American Pie, in chronological order, the latter being a sweet little mux wrapped in hand-sewn pink tweed cases, with every cd in the edition having a different name like "Songs that would make you pancakes in bed if they could" or "Songs that pour like butterscotch" or "Songs cycle with you downhill in May".

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on being a grownup

September 26th, 2008 (12:35 am)

current location: just about midway through a wardrobe full of coats
current song: diane cluck

when i was packing my studio to leave for london, i found a bag of loose leaf mate tea that i hadn't made since i moved into the space in january.  i brewed some tonight, and it smells like the evening i got snowed into the studio, painted endless layers off wallpaper and skin tone onto this piece,  and made list after list of future art plans (only half of which i even remember, let alone have fulfilled).

it's so funny, just smelling this tea i haven't made in some months brought back every fat illuminated snowflake outside the loft windows, the yellow-orange light from my gram's ugly old lamp i'd brought in, the patchy absent conversation i made with my studiomates, and the powdery calf-high drifts that i got to kick around on the way home. 

i sold just about every piece i had at the Queen West Art Crawl two weekends ago in Trinity-Bellwoods park, and while it has been freeing to have the series both physically and conceptually off my chest, it's only just struck me that i likely won't ever see the pieces in person again. 
this series of work is one that's been shadowing me since third year, when i really started to come into myself as an artist.  the act of diving for the materials to make these pieces (as well as the act of hauling the stuff around move after move) has left me unexpectedly connected to these as compared to other pieces i've made. having their physical presence is a habit that's been both delightful and jarring to break, and having a look at the digital reproductions of these pieces that have sold is a bit like stepping on a missing stair.

it certainly will be exciting to see what new work comes from this change in headspace.

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i'm an unproductive lout.

August 12th, 2008 (06:11 pm)
current location: my lousy house

here is a picture of my cats:

that is all.

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happy pattern day.

March 17th, 2008 (11:13 pm)

current location: the queereagle's roost
current mood: blank
current song: computer says hummmm

i've been head-spinningly absorbed in the Anne of Green Gables books recently.  Halfway through the series, I'm finding Ben's assessment of it as proto-feminist to be a mite questionable, but charm it has in spades and the more of it I read, the more I find myself positively enamoured with everything-and-one around me.  or maybe it's just spring? gosh, winter's been wearing thin on me. i adore winter! i adore smucking around in big boots and sitting in snow piles and getting soakers and smelling frozen air - in general i've always pitied those who can't take the cold, but this cold-then-warm-then-snow-then-slush-then-mud-then-hail is really getting me down. thanks, climate change. eesh!

today at work, me and the gals decreed it to be Pattern Day.  We chose every patterned article of clothing we could find in our closets and layered it all one on top of the other.  The result was delightful - Max dressed all in green and yellow skirts and prints, Sam donned two different kinds of leopard print, and i pulled out every kind of seventies brownish mustardish print i could lay my hands on, the resultof which was satisfyingly argyle-ified.

my new studio is beautiful and sunny and just waiting for her big factory windows to be wrenched open to spring air.  there are three almost-done pieces of mine inside, but i've been away from them lately learning html at home (sigh) and picking away at a boring and underpaid commission (double sigh).

things that can probably be attributed to some manner of impending quarter life crisis: i've lost track of all my old friends and i'm itching to make new ones. an entirely probable solution to this may be severing ties with everybody ('cept ben, course) and running off to teach english in korea for a year or three.  frankly, i'm sure nobody except my boss and housemates would notice anyhow.

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but... but i DIDN'T

March 3rd, 2008 (01:03 am)
current location: queereagle's roost
current song: i am a vampire i am a vampire

today's XKCD webcomic is frustrating, to say the least, and I think you will all understand why:


spirulinai [userpic]

wool and itches

December 16th, 2007 (12:54 am)
current song: joanna newsom

i've just spent the last three hours knitting and un-knitting the same three rows in a pattern i've only now deemed too difficult while (i suddenly realise) brooding on wasted time in a rather larger sense.

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